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FOREVER Announces New Software at Professional Photo Managers Conference

Glen Meakem, FOREVER Founder and CEO, announces the launch of the early access version of FOREVER® Valet™ software to Professional Photo Managers and FOREVER® Ambassadors.

(Orlando, FL) April 14, 2023 – During his keynote appearance at The Photo Managers annual conference in Orlando, Florida, the Founder and CEO of FOREVER, Inc., Glen Meakem, announced the pre-release of FOREVER Valet. FOREVER Valet is a new software application designed to enable people to easily bulk upload tens of thousands of digital memories with corresponding photo organization to their FOREVER accounts.

Meakem said, “This is an important tool for people who have their digital photos, documents, and videos stored and organized on various hard drives and local computers but want to easily bring their memories and pre-existing organization together into a single place in their secure FOREVER cloud storage accounts.”  FOREVER Valet also enables easy offline backup of entire online FOREVER accounts. Whether users are uploading or downloading their content, FOREVER makes sure that all metadata – including the metadata added in FOREVER – is kept intact.  This is the company’s first software application that is native to both Windows and Mac operating systems.  
FOREVER has grown rapidly in recent years, serving tens of thousands of paying clients. These clients have now uploaded more than 300 million photographs and videos to their FOREVER cloud storage and sharing accounts.  Valet will enable a further acceleration of FOREVER’s growth. 
“Our clients asked for this functionality, and my team is delivering,” Meakem said.  FOREVER is releasing this “Early Access” version of Valet to Professional Photo Managers and FOREVER Ambassadors because they are heavy users of the FOREVER platform and early adopters of new software, and they need this new software to serve their clients. The company anticipates a full release of FOREVER Valet to the general public in May 2023. 

At FOREVER people save, organize, and share their photographs, videos, documents, audio files, and stories today, tomorrow, and for generations into the future. FOREVER is unique in providing complete, permanent, and secure memory-keeping in the internet cloud to people all over the world.

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